Chapter 0: ---Prologue---Edit

Millions of Years ago a Little imp was wondering the earth in search of food, until he found something in doing so a dark cloud with a face of a demon incased in stone, when the imp touched the stone broke releasing the "Darkness" and possessing the imp transforming it into The Devil.

​Chapter 1: ---Mickey Mouse---Edit

Long ago Mickey traveled to a world where forgotten toons lived, due to a accident involving thinner and the The Phantom Blot, as a result of revenge Mickey was kidnapped into the wasteland, with the help of his brother Oswald the lucky rabbit he corrected his mistake, years later another adventure took place where the Mad Doctor tricked the wastelanders that he has changed for the side of good but this turned out to trick to leave wasteland, at the end he was defeated with paint and love. during a point in wasteland (But Before a side story) Mickey caught up to Big Bad Pete who was in charge of running something bad, Big Bad Pete was fed up with the fight and decided to go to fight 1v1 Mickey seemed victorious. Mickey saw the portal in the sky and left wasteland. Many Years later all of the Wasteland toons left and came to the Cartoon World, Mickey was about to go to the Disney castle with Minnie when Maleficent came down to bring destruction to the world, It Looked Like Mickey won, but after a defeat Maleficent sent Mickey to another part of the cartoon world but this wasn't part of the main world it was an island, Inkwell Isle. Mickey landed in Inkwell Hell in front of the casino (Mickey doesn't gamble) and ran in to find Cuphead and Mugman, After a defeat against The Devil, The Devil was to kill Cuphead first, Mickey interfered with that plan as he kicked the devil into the face to stop the hell inferno, King Dice watches and goes to fight Mickey, he is defeated. Mickey sees The Devil about to release another hell inferno until Mickey blasts paint at The Devil and duel, Mickey rescues Cups and Mugs and get out.